James R. Pomerantz
Professor Emeritus of Psychological Sciences
Rice University
Houston, Texas, USA

Member and former Chair of the Governing Board, the Psychonomic Society

220119_Pomerantz headshot_Fitlow_26375Photo by Jeff Fitlow

EEG signatures for emergent features discovered. The Theory of Basic Gestalts claim that perceptual grouping and configural superiority arise from emergent features. Our 2018 Scientific Reports paper shows that those features can be found in brainwaves, an exciting new advance.

Rice students write better upon graduation than they did when they matriculated
A 2017 paper co-authored with Rice alum Danny Oppenheimer and others reporting what may be the first direct before-after comparison of writing skills in college students.

Psychology and the Real World, 2nd edition (2015)  PaRW2e cover

False Pop Out Our 2015 paper showing that when we see a field of identical items that contains one different, unique item, it is sometimes one of the identical items that pops out as the odd one out.

Third Place, Best Illusion of the Year Contest, 2014: A Turn in the Road, demonstrating false popout in a new, dynamic display. With Kim Orsten; see Scientific American coverage

Scientia lecture on Mind, Brain & Reality